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Popular Q&A

What dentist except straight medicaid in ny?
I dont know about NY but in most states only children are covered for dental under Medicaid. Look at your Medicaid website about that. You can find a public health clinic that offers dental or an out patient low income clinic with dental.

Feel sick when I go to dentist!?
I used to have the exact same problem. I had quite bad first teeth when I was a kid and I had to go the dentist often. As soon as I entered his office, I started to feel dizzy and I wanted to throw up. I run out of his office once and throw up on the street. I don't remember myself to be that...

Need a good dentist who takes Cigna in Bklyn, NYC or Queens. Must have PM hrs and can work w/ a scaredy cat!?
Dr Eric Last in Brooklyn Heights fits the bill! 718 625 6629 He is cool, gentle, nice, honest and hes my brother!

Baby's first dentist visit?
Dental health is extremely important to me and my husband, so my daughter will be going when she has her first tooth. I do not want her to have any dental problems that we can prevent. We went ahead and put her on our dental insurance so that we can get her to the dentist as soon as possible...

Best cosmetic dentistry in korea?? which clinic?
do you mean about Implant? if you do, you just make an appointment with the docter in any cities. in Korea, majority dentistry is advanced(it doesn't mean Korean dentistry is more advanced than USA) and cheaper than USA(sorry for i don't know about the others). but you had better make an appointment...