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Popular Q&A

I need a home remedy to cure a toothache and fast please?
Take a couple of cloves from the spice rack and place them between the aching tooth and your cheek, much like you'd use chewing tobacco, "This remedy has been known for centuries to relieve many kinds of toothaches," says Richard D. Fischer, D.D.S., president of the international Academy...

What is the phobia of the dentist called?
An online search reveals that there are two possible candidates: dentophobia odontophobia The second, perhaps surprisingly, yields more than twice as many results. It's also truer to the way the words for phobias are coined, because "dent-" is Latin in origin (dens, dentis, tooth) while "odonto-"...

What are the requirements for a dental job in dubai,UAE?i am a general dentist fresher and want to go dubai..should i write any entrance tes?
Have you completed an internship/residency, supervised by professionals? Licensed to practice in your own country? You really need experience. And you will have to verify licensing requirements in the country/ies where you are considering applying for jobs. Generally, you cannot qualify...

I wont braces but my dentiste said i dont need them:(?
You can not do braces yourself. You dont even have access to all the tools necessary. Just explain that you relalize that you dont have the worst teeth in the world but you'd like some correction. Since they aren't bad you should be in and out pretty quick. If he refusses, which really...

Cosmetic dentistry?
Cosmetic usually refers to something that doesn't necessarily have to be done. It is an elective procedure like veneers, or bonding, bleaching your teeth. A partial would be considered more restorative or prosthetic.