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Popular Q&A

Why are Braces so EXPENSIVE?!?
You are paying for the orthodontist's education. You can go to a dental school and get braces cheaper, with great results.

I want lumineers but my dentist says crowns are better.?
lumineers like crowns aren't permanent meaning you will be replacing them in 5 years and they look very fake while crowns don't usually. Lumineers are more expensive but remember you'll be replacing them just like crowns so what's the point? you'll be wasting your money on lumineers because...

Do you have any TRIVIA to share?
The name Mohammed is the most common name in the world The name Wendy was created just for the book Peter Pan Cat urine glows under a black light President Kennedy was the fastest random speaker in the world with upwards of 350 words per minute Odontophobia is the fear of teeth According to...

Do anybody know Cosmetic Dentistry Grant will paid for someone who is ssi benefits?
Usually cosmetic procedures are not covered as they are deemed unneccesary. Your best bet is to get an appraisal and submit it for review.

Dental assistant jobs in Massachusetts? (10 points)?
Hi, here's the info from the Dental Assisting National Board Site ( It gives state-specific information. It seems you'll need to hold at l