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Popular Q&A

How do i find out an English speaking dentist in Guadalajara, Mexico?
Many detists speak English. My Detist Dr. Rodrigo Navarro, is a Mexican-American but is US trained and perfect English. Phone number in Guadalajara Cell phone 044-33-1285-5124 located on Justo-Sierra 2811. Go to American Society here in Guadalajra and find more info.

What are some good oldschool trance songs?
DJ Hooligan - It's A Dream Song Jam Spoon - Stella Orbital - Halcyon And On And On THK - France X-Cabs - Neuro Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall Cygnus X - Positron Cygnus X - Superstring (original) Humate - Love Stimulation Jam and Spoon - Follow Me Messiah - Thunderdome Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie...

Is there a dentistry course in far eastern university manila?
Manila is the capital of the Philippines. The public university - University of the Philippines offer Dentistry courses as do several private universities including University of the East, Centro Escolar University (possibly teaching in Spanish) and National University. These establishments...

Has anyone gone to Dr. Wesley in Brentwood, TN?
I am going to give you the same answer here that I just gave to a similar question you also asked. You should not rely on the recommendations of strangers on Yahoo Answers. You have no way to tell whether the person really knows this dentist. Instead, ask people who you know--neighbors, friends...

Dental Discount Plans?
If you can't afford dental care, a discount plan could be a good alternative. There are plenty, so shop around. Or negotiate with your dentist. If you're willing to let a student work on you (under a teacher's supervision) you can get free or low cost dental care at the clinic of a dental school...