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Popular Q&A

Becoming a dentist?
Well, if you study and know everything you need to know about being a dentist, it's not that hard.. Medicine is harder.. Trust me. Becoming a dentist: What do you want to be? What do you feel comfortable with? Dental? Medicine? Business?

How much does dentist bridge work cost?
It will depend on why the tooth is causing the problems and the chances of them being resolved so that the tooth can continue to hold the bridge in place. If the tooth cannot be saved then removing the bridge will leave one tooth that will probably need to be crowned as it will have had its...

Favorite Xmas Present?
my dad got me a GI Joe when I was little, I also had steve austin and a variety of other action men and stuff lol was always a bit of a tom boy! Liked the smoking after sex thing, I think I'll use that to my advantage next time he wants to drag me out of bed to go for a ciggie with him lol

Dentists in Liverpool UK.?
Try another area

If a dentist is licensed in PA, if they were to move to a different state, would their license be accepted?
Every state that you move to will have their own requirements for licensure. You should be able to apply and recieve and active license in each state that you move to. Usually it is not a problem - consisting of filling out their paper work, paying for the license in that state, and meeting...