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Popular Q&A

Low cost or Dental Colleges around DFW?
Texas A&M Baylor School of Dentistry - DALLAS, TX Summary * Screening Information Message- 214-828-8441 * Screening Appointments - By Phone Only 214-823-1376, takes calls ONLY on Wednesdays from 9:00 - 10:30 AM to schedule appointments. The line...

What does it take to become a Dental Hygenist?
You'll need about 8 yrs of college for Dentist and only 2 for Hygienist. And Dentists make waaaaaaaaaaay more than a dental hygienist. It depends on where you live that the salary will vary. I'm from south texas hygienists earn between 20-30 dollars an hour, depending on experience. I have...

Can anyone recommend a dentist in Mexico on the Texas border....Need full dentures. ty?
YES, the dentist I used is in Algodones, Mexico, right across the border from Yuma AZ (real close to the CA border...his name is Dr. Bernardo Mangana, and he was WONDERFUL!!!!!! All of his dentists are America trained as well but everything is much less expensive. I got several root canals...

Question on Cosmetic Dentistry?
You have to obtain your dental degree first (either DDS or DMD). They you would take many post graduate courses in cosmetic dentistry and if you so wished could limit most of your practice to this specific area. There is no recognized specialty by the American Dental Association, in cosmetic...

Where can I find out that if I ask my dentist to pull my tooth that he has to?
No Dentist HAS to do anything in regards to pulling teeth. Tell him you wont let him do any other work, other than pulling the tooth. My guess is that he wants to keep you coming back, so he can keep charging the state to make more $$. Dont let him do anythign other than pulling it, if he...