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Popular Q&A

How can anyone support the Labour party?
Many above have asked what the alternative is. There is none. No other party has ever invented hundreds of new ways to go to jail- started a war which has turned Iraq in to old style Northern Ireland- allowed an unknown numger of illegal immigrants to take the jobs of our less able workers-...

How much does it cost to have your braces taken off?
you can visit the dental school where the treatment is done by practicing budding dentists. Dont fear as the treatment in done under the supervision of experienced doctors. There you get the treatment at low cost or might be free depending upon the financial condition.

Has anyone every used the NYU college of dentistry dental clinic?
It was TERRIBLE! To find out about anything to do with dentistry, bad breath, funny tongues, oral surgery, white spots, oral mucosa, braces, orthodontics, periodontal surgery, jaw surgery, facial surgery, oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, or generally anything to do with teeth or dentistry...

Is it true that dentistry is one of the toughest course as chosen by guinness book of world records on 8th apr?
its true pls put up the link to your fact that dentistry is one of the toughest course as chosen by guinness book of world records put it as an additional detail in ur question section

About cosmetic dentistry (zirconia crowns and dental implants)?
You need to work with your dentist on this one, he should be able to suggest what crown material to use. The major factor in deciding is what the lab they use is familiar with. Zirconia is only the abutment material, which is they laminated with porcelain. As far a grafting material, that...