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Popular Q&A

Dentistry or Chemical Engineering?
Nano-technology would be more mechanical or electrical engineering. Chemical engineering would actually be a perfect major for pre-dentistry, so you could wait till after you graduate to decide. Engineering is a much more interesting field. You could certainly work for yourself and invent something...

My dentist wanted to extract my bottom wisdom tooth b/c the top is gone & it needs contact w/top tooth. True?
To extract a wisdom tooth just because it's top one is missing is a bit of a stretch. Hopefully he is going on your past dental history, caries rate, and ability to clean your own teeth. Hopefully he sees that you keeping that tooth there poses a greater risk of further probelms down the...

Dentistry advice, can this wait? Many Thanks?
Hi Jon, I'm sorry you are having this problem. Don't let the anxiety get the best of you. If you don't have a fever, don't have swelling and don't feel sick, it is probably ok to wait until tomorrow to see the dentist. Then, after looking and checking your mouth, he will tell you what is going...

Starting college, want to go into dentistry, is UNR a good choice?
Although this is not my specific forte, any university should be fine, UNR is good, however the dental school is in vegas at unlv. any major is ok, just make sure you get all of the pre-requisites, plus some of the upper division sciences that will help you through the first 2 yers of school...

Does anyone know a good dentist in the Pensacola, Florida area?
no, but I know where you could score some free batteries