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Popular Q&A

It depends where you will study it. In some countries, they would require you to finish the 2-year preparatory course for Dentistry or what they call "Predent" where you'll have to take up basic sciences and other subjects like Math, English, Botany, etc. After finishing the preparatory course...

May I introduce you with new scientific facts that disprove the Big Bang theory?
Your question consists of a request to introduce me to a new discovery that you have made. My response, as a curious person, is - yes, you may introduce me to this wonderful new piece of information that you apparently have in your possession. But you persist in disappointing me and others...

Is there a lot of jobs in dental hygiene?
I don't know the Boston job market, but I do know that nationwide, there are probably more hygienists than there are jobs. I've heard of hygienists working as dental assistants because they couldn't get a hygiene position and didn't want to lose there dental skills. It's a great job and pays...

Step Right Up!! Try Your Luck! Can You Defeat The Random Subject Challenge?!?
1.The Battle of Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing was a Civil War battle. As you may or may not know, Civil War battles had 2 names, Union and Conderate. Which name is which? And in what state did this battle occur? A: Union - North During the American Civil War, the Union was a name used to refer to...