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Popular Q&A

What is used to measure preparation depth for crowns and bridge in dentistry?
For preparation of crowns and bridges, uniform reduction is not done. Reduction from occlusal and proximal aspect is not same. further reduction from functional and non-functional cusps is also different. There is as such no device for measurement of reduction.

Will most any cosmetic dentist willingly perform gold crown work on healthy teeth?
Gold crowns are around the same price as a porcline crown. I live in CO and we have a dr here that does only gold teeth and fronts so yes there are dentist that will do it if you want it.

I need a job immediately. does anyone know who is hiring in the southside of san antonio, tx? no experience
That is a pretty name, Casandra. I used to teach a girl by that name. She was a journalism editor at Burbank. HEB is a good company to work for and they have good benefits. Both my sisters work for HEB. One has been there 5 years and the other for 15 years. The second one started there...

Really hard choice...advice is greatly appreciated..?
I think it is mostly up to you but it is a reflection of yourself (in a way). Dentistry says: safe, smart, very concerned with cosmetic beauty. Occupational Therapist says: smart, interesting, willing to take risks, helpful, more concerned for other people's well-being. I, as you may have guessed...

I had jaw surgery about 3 weeks ago and have a question about opening my mouth?
There is a local dentist finder that can find the right dentist to consult your problem. there's no harm in asking them since the matching service is free. I suggest consult a dentist now before something worst happens. I highly recommend this service or just call...