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Popular Q&A

I'm looking for an cheap and affordable cosmetic dentist. Can anybody helpp me?
Cheap AND "Affordable"? You either want one or the other, and there's a HUGE difference between the two! Don't go for "cheap" dental work, because in the long run, it will cost you more. Look for a reputable dentist, and see if he/she offers an "affordable" payment plan. Stay away from these...

What is the quality of medical facilities and dental and periodontal facilities in Arizona?
I would imagine that they would have some of the best in your area. I can save you 80% on your dental costs! Here's a list of providers in your area below and a fee schedule. It covers periodontal as well. Our plans are as low as $14.95 a month and same day coverage! 30 day money back guarantee...

Who Has Had Experience With Dental Implants?
I have place many implants in my career and even have had one done on myself. They are incredibly successful and have brought dentistry into a new era. They allow you replace a tooth without having to involve other teeth to connect it to. The allow denture wearers to have much more stability...

Requirements For UNC Chapel Hill?
That's what I took in 9th grade and I got into Chapel Hill. You're on the right track. Basically, you need to take some if not all of the hardest courses your school offers. Here is a list of what I took in high school as core classes. Also, take a foreign language every year(the same one)...

Does anyone know of an affordable dentist in the houston area?
try a dental plan it 12.95 and comes with free optical 12.95 a month plus a free phone with 500 monthly min I have it it's great in manhattan it's expensive so I know what that must feel like they cover this believe it or not check it out at