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Popular Q&A

Help! I need to find a dentist open on saturdays in Charlotte, NC 1800-dentist couldnt help me!?
Try this one.... Armstrong and Eshleman 201 Providence Rd Charlotte, NC 28207 (704) 376-6470

Army dentists?
An Army dentist can do anything a civilian dentist can do. The real question is if she is in a school, how much time does she have to go to the dentist. If she's Guard/Reserve she should get as much done as possible while she's on duty without costing her the training she's there for.

I'm looking for a reasonable dentist in the Texarkana Tx /Ar area?
I found these 3 dentists in your area. I have also included a basic overview of what they do in each office. They all accept a dental discount program called AmeriPlan USA. One of my customers saved $600 on a root canal on Friday so I can tell you first hand that you will get excellent care...

CSI las Vegas on Thursday? Is there going to be a continuation?
No it ended with the fact that they got the guy which was the dentist but he wasnt going to help them figure out who the ladies were that he killed. No they werent.

What are the classes that i am going to take in university to become a dentist? (bio, chem, math, etc.?
Well, obviously the exact courses depends upon the undergrad school you go to and the dentistry school you go to. Generally, the classes are pretty much the same as pre-med. Principles of Biology I/II, General Chemisty I/II, Organic Chemistry I/II, Microbiology, Biochemistry, General Physics...