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Popular Q&A

Do you have to go to an endodontist instead of a dentist if you want your root canal to be pain free?
No a dentist can do the exact same thing. Its not going to be "pain free" but if you're dentist is good then he/she will do just as good of a job!

Leaving America For Australia What is the best career to follow there?
The university year starts in late February or early March and runs until late October or early November. There are mid semester breaks for around 3 weeks each ending late March or early April and late September or early October. Dentists are very much in demand in Australia and there are excellent...

What additional training or learning would be required to keep me employed after I become a dentist?
Once you are a dentist, you only need to take courses of interest to you that would advance your skills. Many states have CE requirements, but they are not terribly difficult to meet. On a personal level, it would be helpful to take some practice management courses.

Spanish Translation ?
1. Cuarto hombres entran__con___ mesas y sillas. 2. La cama (the bed) es __para__ la alcoba. 3. Juan trabaja ___por__ la hora. 4. Bajamos __por___ el elevador. 5. Estudio __con___ mis amigos. 6. __Por__ fin. El piano entra __por___ la ventana. 7. __Por___ el dia Antonia estudia en la escuela...

Is cosmetic dentistry reliable and right for me?
Each person is different, and what is right for one is not right for another. Go and visit a dentist who can give you an estimate for what you may need. Often it is a free consultation. That's what I do. I give options and let the patient decide. A simple treatment that works sometimes is to...