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Popular Q&A

Which city of US is the most beautiful.attractive and has enough job oppurtunity?
Seattle and maybe Denver which always attracts new people but does have a "boom and bust" economy- right now (live in CO myself) it's doing better. Rent is higher than it used to be but there's also more to do (sports, hiking, sightseeing galore, basically a youth and health oriented location)...

Are there pediatric dentist that don't offer a cocktail of sedation medications?
If your daughter needs extensive work and she is very young, most all pediatric dentists will insist upon sedation of some sort. The drills being used are 150,000 RPM with diamond tipped burs that are designed to slice through enamel--the hardest substance in the human body. If the child...

Can you list some open-enrollment colleges in/around/near Nashville/Franklin Tennessee areas?
I don't know what you mean by "open enrollment". However, for a pre-dental major you should probably look at: Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro - Vanderbilt University - - a private university Tennessee State University - All...

Why did my dentist only give me grape flavoured toothpaste as an option for my cleaning?
lol She's a racist ***** that needs to be taught a lesson! You should go to her home and replace her toothpaste with mayonnaise! that'll show her

Has anyone out there had a bad experience with a crown?
First of all, dentists (just like everyone) do things differently one from another. There is more than one way to accomplish a good end. (Besides, do you know what the procedure for a crown-lengthening involves? *whimper* Ok OK, that's not the important point). And concerning the crown feeling...