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Popular Q&A

Did you hear the latest news about marsha and jan from the brady bunch?
damn, marcia fooled me. i thought she really did have a huge crush on davey jones, dr. vogel (the dentist) and doug simpson (the big man on campus)!! great acting, who would've thought?

Amish people in Lancaster,Pa.?
There are several English Doctors (English being the Amish word for non-Amish) who see Amish patients in eastern Lancaster county. They would not be their first point of medical contact, but their religion does not allow it. As with many religions, there are what outsiders would see as a loophole...

BEST dentist around philadelphia?
I take my kids to Upper Merion Dental in King of Prussia, Montgomery co. They are very good w/ kids & I know alot of adults that go & like them -phone # is 610 337 2325

Does any dentist help ford workers in detroit michigan?
Check with your company,or if all else fails.ask dentist to refer you to another ,like a dental college for students,etc.Just get the work done that is needed.Maybe your wife will get dental at her job later,soon!Good luck on wedding,that is my anniversary,28 yrs!!

How do I become a dentist/orthodontist.?
well first you have to go to a dentist school then you have to go to a school for extra learning how to be an orthodontist. if i were you i would look into dental schools that you would be interested in.