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Popular Q&A

Would a dentist barter. I have a business but no extra money or insuance?
If you search for BARTER you will get many sites.This is one that specifically mentioned Dentists. Barter Trade | BarterQuest

Question for all Dentist and Physician ???
As a general dentist myself I agree with the answers above, do not let money be the reason you go into a career. Dental school is A LOT of hard work and costs a lot of money, especially if you end up getting into a career for all the wrong reasons. I can speak for almost all of my fellow...

Free dentistry in Santa Fe?
Contact the Santa Fe Dental Society or visit their website. Ask for a referral for a dentist/dental clinic that provides free, sliding scale or low cost care.

some states let you see if a dentist has made any malpractice payments within the past 10 years or so. If they made a payment it means they were sued. Go to your state's website and search for your dentist and see what comes up. Or check out and see if they have anything that will help...

Dentist-Green Bay?
Sorry don't know any in GB but if you want to travel to Milwaukee I will give you the name of my dentist. Did upper denture for me and haven't had a single problem. Try calling 1-800-DENTIST - they will have a list for you. Mostly I just wanted to say "Hey" to another Wisconsinite.