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Popular Q&A

How do i become a dental Hygienist/what major?
You need to speak with a counselor at the school, tell him or her what your goal is, and they will be able to advise you on course selection and major. Moving to California from Maryland? Get ready for sticker shock. Things are going to be much more expensive, although salaries are higher...

Why can't I find studies on the effectiveness of oral sedatives in dentistry when they are wildly popular?
I think you are confusing sedation dentistry, with anesthesia.... Patients are given the pill , like Valium, to make them RELAX... .. NOT to numb them....... That is administered separately

Dentist for kids?
Here they say to take them as soon as they have their first tooth....however I took my oldest when she was 3, and plan on taking my boys now that they are 3. I just can't imagine a 1 year old staying still for the dentist.

Where is thre Abernathy Building?
There are apparently more than one- I found ten before I tired of the search. Some references are circumstantial- I didn't get exact addresses for all of them, but I always got at least city/state and in 3 cases a college campus: Davis Bill Jim Insurance Abernathy Building, Covington, TN 38019...

Dentist while pregnant?
Yes, in fact, it is recommended! It is very important to maintain good oral health while pregnant. Bacteria in your mouth that cause gingivitis (gums are red and bleed), periodontal disease ( the bone and ligaments holding your teeth deteriorate from certain bacteria and your body can become...