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Popular Q&A

Does anyone know about how a chinese educated dentist get international qualified,and work in UK or Europe?
For a doctor to work in the UK from another country outside the EU, they need to complete the PLAB (test / exam). This may be the case for Dentists. Check with the British embassy in your country for details.

Remember David After Dentist? YouTube viral video earns the family a handsome $150K. Thoughts?
First thought that comes to mind is: How does someone earn money just by posting a video on YouTube? Second thought: I noticed the car was not moving Still in the parking lot at the dentist? Daddy just happened to have his video camera with him? Or he drove all the way home? Third thought:...

Free dentist?
Dentists cannot work like doctors. Doctors go to medical school and dentists go to parasite school

I'm stuck!!! Which one Sonographer VS. Dental Hygienist?
Even 'tho dentistry is one profession that is trying to put itself out of business, there will still be demand for preventive dentistry. Hygienists earn reasonably good money for what is often part time work. Not all dentists offer benefits for people employed 20-30 hours per week. This needs...