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Popular Q&A

Can a dentist make a temporary tooth? (10 points best answer)?
The only person who can give you really useful answers would be your dentist. As a matter of fact, a dentist can sometimes temporarily glue in a temporary cap, securing it to the adjoining teeth for a few days, and then remove it after your photo is taken. As far as bringing the adult tooth...

Is there any career oppurtunities for medical tourism in US after doing mbbs in india?
Medical tourism is an avenue. I dont think it is a career in itself. It is an open area where you fit yourself into the tourism with regard to medical aid. As you may be aware, medical healthcare abroad is very expensive and some surgeries etc are done in India at one fifth or even one tenth...

I did bleaching for two patients,they came second day complaining from their occlusion,they cannot close well?
I don't know why either. Was it something they ate? You might get better responses if you posted to the dentistry section.

With no price limit how wld be the best way to come closest to dimebags awesome tone. im medium skill but not?
Dude go get yourself a copy of "Riffer Madness" by Nick Bowcott and DIME himself !! The run down of his rigs over the years comes right from the man himself,and you will find it is sooooo usefull in playing his "style" and achieving his abrassive tone..there is a whole section/chapter dedicated...

Do you think our future will be anything like the hunger games?
We will be way beyond peak-oil. Billions will already have been killed or will have starved to death. Local cities will not be able to exceed their pre-industrial populations without oil. The horse and oxen will have made a come back in both agriculture, transportation and war. Slavery...