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Popular Q&A

Can you get a Doctors referral for Dental Care to claim on Medicare?
Obviously these fools are not from Australia and don't understand your question. You friends are correct - kind of. Medicare was offering a service through a referral from your GP for a limited number of free services. You have to have a chronic condition - which it sounds like you have. ...

Cosmetic dentistry question please please help me!!!?
For payment plan option, go to www.carecredit .com apply online and they will even suggest a dentist who takes this payment option. Cosmetic dentistry is very expensive, but with carecredit you will be able to afford it. They have a no interest payment financing from, 3, 5,12,18 mos and no...

Ever wondered if your dr., dentist, attorney, etc...partied alot in college & may not know all they should?
It's a fact that there are incompetent professionals out there who can really do some damage to their clients because of their incompetence. Why are they in such high positions of responsibility despite their incompetence? That's a really important question. You hit on some of the answers....

I heard that smokers can't undergo certain cosmetic dentistry procedure, why is it?
Where did you hear that from?? They can have anything they can pay for done to their teeth.. Is that an advertisement to the dental procedure at that dental office??

I am terrified to go to the dentist.I found a sedation dentist named Dr.Mike Hopkins.Is he a good dentist?
Dentists are not to be feared. No a days they use a topical cream that numbs the gums before they give shots.