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Popular Q&A

I need as much info on the Little Shop of Horrors?
Seymour Krelborn — The protaganist who discovers Audrey 2 and is in love with Audrey. He is kind of a weak quiet guy. Audrey — The female lead. She is going out with orin and wants a quiet life with seymour Mr. Mushnik — the owner of the flower shop Audrey II (voice) — the villian plant Orin...

Switching dentists?
Few points to add: Cerec crowns can be very strong because they are one-piece, formed from a solid block as opposed to two materials fused together and cemented over a buildup (a third material). I only worked with them briefly in one office where I did consulting work, but everyone seemed...

Creationists: What do you make of these prominent "Creation scientists"?
Brendan- If you go to the link I provided you'll see how these scientists got on the list, I don't know who Kent Hovind, but he didn't make the cut, apparently. And what do you think of these Creation Scientists: * Dr. Paul Ackerman, Psychologist * Dr. E. Theo Agard...

I want to do dentistry at university, are these things good enough?
Your GCSEs are obviously really good and fine for a career in dentistry, however when applying for university you're A and AS level results really matter so you need to get top grades in those. As for your experience and work, that's really good work wise but you might need more experience...

Cure a small cavity without dentist?
no there is no way to fix a cavity yourself. once its there, a dentist has to shave (drill) away the effected dead and decayed area. Your teeth are like bones, however teeth never grow back or heal like other parts of the body. depending on how severe or deep the cavity is, it could be just...