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Popular Q&A

Getting a loan at 20?
Hello Misslawyer5461, I think you are making a big mistake getting a loan for your cosmetic dentistry in the UK. Firstly it is a known fact that UK dentists are the most crooked and biggest thieves in the world and will OVERCHARGE you on any cosmetic dentistry they perform on your teeth. Lets...

Where can i find a cheap dermatologist around brandon, florida that will take me without having insurance?
Go on Youtube and look up MichellePhan. She has a video up of her trying to find a dentist to whiten her teeth but it also shows you different doctors for other things. It is a non Insurance website. Not sure what its called off the top of my head. But thats only advice i can lend you. Hope...

What's the difference between a "Initial cosmetic dentistry consultation" and a "Specialist orthodontist consultation"?
A cosmetic dentist is one who would make your teeth and smile look better, usually with crowns, veneers, and shaping the teeth. They aren't always concerned with function. An orthodontist specializes in straightening teeth, making them look better and function properly. If you think you want...

Where can you complain about a dentist?
i think you complain to the place where they get their dentistry license, i know how you feel... my sisters wisdom teeth are coming in and they got infected, so he gave her an anti-biotic and didn't care to explain the side-effects. so my sister had really bad stomach pain, she threw up, and...

Would you let a dr or dentist inject you with a drug that has caused 14% of the population serious damage?
What is the drug? I consider a 14% injury rate unacceptable just to get relaxed. However, how reliable is your information?