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Popular Q&A

First Dentist Visit?
I agree with almost everything Dr. Le said above, except that general dentists do not have the "expertise" to see kids under 3. I am a general dentist and I CERTAINLY have the expertise to see people who are neonates through geriatrics. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (of which...

Wisdom teeth removal (all 4) General questions..?
Firstly, you want to take plenty of NSAIDs, so Medrol and ibuprofen are best. These will keep the pain away as well as help with inflammation. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) will provide effective pain relief as well, and can be taken simultaneously with ibuprofen. I'd advise you here not to take...

Best dentist for braces in birmingham?
Heya i can recommend Tonns. Here they are: St Johns Dental Practice Bennets Hill Birmingham B2 5QJ 0121 643 0610 Acedemy Of Birmingham Cosmetic Dentistry 12 Waterloo Street Birmingham B2 5TB 0121 633 8833 Ian Hutchinson 280 Monument Road, BIRMINGHAM, West Midlands, B16 8XP 0121 4540023 Richardson...

What episode of my family...?
I think you are referring to episode 75 "Four Affairs and a Funeral" . you can find a list of all the shows here : My Family is a British sitcom that has aired on BBC One since 2000. Created by American Fred Barron, the series is about the fictional...

I asked this before. Two cavities one tooth?
Hi! Laser dentistry is a horrible idea for a cavity like this. You need to find a dentist that is skilled at doing normal conventional dentistry, or family dentistry if you like. If it still hurts, then the root is still alive. However, it's difficult to say if you only need a filling, or also...