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Popular Q&A

How can I become a teeth implant dentist?
im guessing thats the University of the Pacific. the dental school for there is the Dugoni School of Dentistry, and it takes 4 years to be a general dentist. But i believe this is one of the only schools that you can get your DDS degree in 3 years, if you are highly qualified and anticipated...

CSI las Vegas on Thursday? Is there going to be a continuation?
No it ended with the fact that they got the guy which was the dentist but he wasnt going to help them figure out who the ladies were that he killed. No they werent.

How much does it cost to become a dentist?
You can figure at least $200,00 for 4 years in dental school. Some are a little less and some more. This does not include the 4-5 years in undergraduate school.

Dentist in green bay that takes badgercare?
Usually none do as badgecare is a very poor plan

Any one had their teeth bleached by the dentist?
It is considered the safest way to have teeth whitened and the only environment that will take the time to do a test area and give you honest advice if you have the type of teeth that have a natural colour that will not whiten. They have less long term issues with sensitivity as they are more...