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Popular Q&A

How can I dare go to dentist?
we dentist r not devils ...we care for people n we know how to approach patients like u daily practice we come across variety of patients ..just relax n go ..sure they will b friendly ..wont do much treatment at first visit ..they will jus check n diagnose and explain u everything after...

Water fluoridation - yes/no - how do I choose?
Fluoride is poison... (right along with aspartame which was forced onto the market by Rumsfeld) Europeans do not fluoridate their water, and most Europeans have healthy teeth. The best way to ensure your water is not fluoridated is most likely to distill it (or...

I want to go to valley Community college to UC davis can I?
yep. you can absolutely do that. what's good about community college is that its like a complete second chance, if your academics weren't high enough straight out of high school. and no, UC Davis will not care that you are coming from a CC. and they wont even care about your high school grades...

Is Dr. Allen Karp a good dentist?
An iffy question this. Technically if anyone says "No" on the internet, he can sue them.

Looking 4 teaching dentist school in Augusta Ga?
Medical College of Georgia in Augusta is about 150 miles of Atlanta.