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Popular Q&A

Missing 1st upper right molar, can my 2nd molar and wisdom tooth on the same side raplce the gap?
Hi Jim, You do not say your age, but the answer is related to your age. If you are young enough and have a maxillary first molar missing, the second molar and third molar will drift forward as the year go by and they can actually close the gap, but it will not be ideal because they will tend...

Should I switch Dentist?
It's not always possible to use a clear or tooth coloured filling. Sometimes there just isn't enough tooth structure for the composite material to bond to. If the tooth in question was at the back, depending on the nature of the cavity, the dentist may not have been able to secure a clamp around...

Is there anywhere online I can chat to a dentist?
You can get free dental advice from online dentists using the This is Dentistry site's "Ask a Dentist" feature. Your most immediate concerns will be answered, until the time when you can actually go to a dentist to get your concern checked.

Hospital lost my mothers dentures, can a dentist go there to replace them?
call the dentist that made the dentures and he may make a trip to the hospital. some large cities have mobile dentistry vans. keep in mind that the price of a denture made by a mobile dentist may cost her 2 to 3 or 4 times as much. you may need to schedule a transport (with physician clearance)...

Tips on moving to San Francisco?
UCSF is a medical school. It is one of the top institutions in the nation for aspiring physicians, therapists, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, etc. You cannot go directly into a doctoral program straight out of high school. You will have to complete an undergraduate degree in a related...