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Popular Q&A

Dentist! are they called doctors??
this is a phenomena which came over from the States a few years ago, there everyone and his brother, and his brothers friend call themselves doctor. This includes dentist, vets and chiropractors! Medical doctors in hospital and GPs in UK are generally M.B.s which stands for Bachelor of Medicine...

Pediatric dentists medicaid???
It often makes more sense to extract baby teeth than repair them. Baby teeth are much weaker than adult teeth and may not be able to withstand the repairs. You can review the Humana website to find dentists in your area that are covered by the plan.

Name of movie with cheating dentist and videotaping?
The secret lives of dentists may be................

I have a bad tooth that has to be pulled NOW, but I have no money or insurance at all. Where can I go?
It won't be free, but it should be a lot cheaper than a regular dentist: Call and see what they have for emergency services. Even if they can't see you there, they should be able to guide you to other low cost options available in your area.