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Popular Q&A

What are some LGBT books for children?
What matters most-Kristin Carter My Two dads-Bronny Fallens Arwen and Her Daddies-Jarko De Witte van Leeuwen Two Moms are better than one- angela and jana Little Adu: a trip to the dentist-Terry Daily The Lopez Family: Science Fair Day-Monica Bey-Clarke and Cheril N. Clarke My Family is Special-...

Is the barts and the london school of medicine and dentistry VERY competitive to get into?
Yes it is very competative. But all med/dent programmes in the UK - and for that matter, the world - are competative. You should still definantely apply. But there are 4 other medical schools in london so you should apply to them all. As for dentistry, I think King's and one other college offer...

What are some of the most ridiculous baby names you've heard?
OK.... When I was a teen, I was a camp counslor. There was a LARGE family.... and the kids names were : Sonny, Cher, Mick and Bianaca.(these were all signle births, but VERY close in age)That summer The women was pregnant with triplets. These were the days of not finding out, but she was thinking...

Is the anyway possible, That I can see a dentist without dental insurance?
You can definitely see a dentist without insurnace. You can either go and work out a payment plan with a local dentist, or you can visit your local DES (Department of Economic Security) office and ask them what they have to offer as far as state-provided no cost to you. They...

I need braces, my husband says too much$ get em in Mexico...?
First of all its your pain not his. Yea if your dentist said you need them trust me you wont regret it. I live in florida and I don't have insurance so I have to pay the full also. If I could do it over this is what I would have done. I would try to find insurance that covered braces. Look...