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Popular Q&A

What is the most difficult procedure in dentistry?
Obviously there is no one answer. But it's a cliche in dentistry that the toughest thing is to precisely match the shade of one upper central incisor to the other. It has become easier because we have more cosmetic materials to work with, but it still can be tough DEPENDING on the shade of...

I am a student doing dentistry i know my aims in life but i know something v spiritual is waitin for me....?
I think God will lead you and place you where HE wants you to be. Continue your studies in Dentistry. You are doing excellent at your age. You remind me of my daughter who at 20 is in her first year of Law. Now, if Ministry is your calling, continue to share your faith with those you come...

Questions on being a dental hygienist?
Dental hygienists assist dentists in treating patients. They use preventive, educational and therapeutic methods for the control of oral diseases to aid individual patients and groups in achieving and maintaining oral health. They are a licensed para-professional, oral health educator and clinical...

American dentists practicing in europe?
checkup is especially important if you'll be traveling in developing countries or in remote areas without access to good dental care. Left to chance, emergency dental care may be uncomfortable, dangerous and expensive. And dental care providers in developing regions may not have the resources...

Can you get a Doctors referral for Dental Care to claim on Medicare?
Obviously these fools are not from Australia and don't understand your question. You friends are correct - kind of. Medicare was offering a service through a referral from your GP for a limited number of free services. You have to have a chronic condition - which it sounds like you have. ...