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Popular Q&A

Which is a better union for nurses in NY- 1199 or NYSNA?
neither.... why are you in favor of a union as a professional? why don't doctors and dentists have unions? hmmmmm?

Is a dentist a good career?
if that is what you want to be then go for it! and since you are good at science, that is great! but as for money it really shouldn't matter i mean you shouldn't go into a field that you hate just because it pays well. there are other fields that involve science that pay well too. But since...

What is cephalic index in orthodontics?
cephalometric analysis The process of evaluating dental and skeletal relationships by way of measurements obtained directly from the living head or, more commonly, from cephalometric radiographs and tracings. Refers also to the standardized sets of cephalometric measurements (e.g., Downs Analysis)...

How to to find a good dentist?
I'm not in CT so I wouldn't know a dentist there but I can give you some suggestions in how to find a good one. If you are actually looking for a good dentist, not cheap service, I would suggest that you go to the dentist office before making an appointment. Make sure the office has the latest...

Getting teeth cleaned with sedation dentistry..
they don't sedate for cleanings but as long ask your willing to pay the price they'll do it.. oral sedation is on average $400.. it completely puts you to sleep though, i don't recommend oral sedation for a cleaning, they don't hurt