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Popular Q&A

Information on becoming a dentist?
You will have tons of job offers during your senior year. It's all a matter of deciding where you want to work. There are more dentists retiring than there are new ones graduating. It depends on how frugaly you live when you graduate. If you want to live large you're going to be in debt...

What degree should i take in University to get into Dental School?
Take a Major that gives ou good career prospects if you don't make it to Dentistry School. Some possibilities: Bioprocess Engineering Mechancal Engineering Petroleum Engineering (drilling...) Biomedical Engineering Technology

Is it possible to find a dentist by their first name?
You can try Googling (without the ") "dentist John" and the name of your city.

Who Has Had Experience With Dental Implants?
I have place many implants in my career and even have had one done on myself. They are incredibly successful and have brought dentistry into a new era. They allow you replace a tooth without having to involve other teeth to connect it to. The allow denture wearers to have much more stability...

What year did Anthony Mancino graduate Penn State University dental school?
I'm not sure, but if you call his office, the girls there will be able to tell you. People call and ask questions like this very very often. Alot of patients want to know how old the dentist is and so forth. I think he participates in Yahoo Answers, the name sounds so familiar. Wish I could...