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Popular Q&A

How do you choose a dentist for kids?
My daughter is 4. I took her for the first time in Nov. First, I asked friends for references. I really didn't get any. Then I checked with my insurance for pediatric dentist. I figured they should at least have experience with kids to make the visit better. Then, when I made the appt...

Does anyone know of a dog dentist in MA?
faxon animal rescue league/sylvan animal clinic on durfee st in fall river. They do everything lower cost. They are also a rescue league. It's cheaper because a lot of their vets work as volunteers. Like when they do low cost spay, neuters, and teeth cleaning the vets are putting in their...

Does anyone know of a dentist who will do bridges in Utah?
Yes, there are plenty of dentists in Utah on the LocalDentist4Less network. Many of them will accept payment and all will give you discount to 60% on bridgework. Search by zip code or full address.

Please give me some recent topics in dentistry for paper presentation?
The concept of dental therapist whose scope of practice overlaps that of hygienist and general practitioners is a controversial debate. Its creation addressed the lack of dentists in certain areas of the United States, such as Alaska or Indian reservations, by allowing certified therapists...

How would a dentist fix a chipped tooth?
It depends on the type of chip. If it's badly chipped and broken, it may need a crown to protect and repair the tooth. If it's a minor chip, especially in the front teeth, it can be repaired with filling material. For a front tooth you may want to find a dentist that has experience with cosmetic...