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Popular Q&A

How can i make a dentist appointment online?
You may not be able to, it all depends on if the office allows it. You know you could always just call them, seems easier. Look at my source for the number.

I want lumineers but my dentist says crowns are better.?
lumineers like crowns aren't permanent meaning you will be replacing them in 5 years and they look very fake while crowns don't usually. Lumineers are more expensive but remember you'll be replacing them just like crowns so what's the point? you'll be wasting your money on lumineers because...

Dentistry in Abroad?
first question to be answered by you is which country do you belong to at the moment? next,decide what part of the world are you looking forward to practising dentistry?i mean what exactly you mean by abroad ?but trust me,Dentists anywhere around the globe are in great demand,all thanks to...

If someone is a theatre major and they failed history of theatre and only got a C in an acting class should?
It depends on if theater training is something you think will help you. Funny thing about majors is that they don't always lend themselves to the earners talents. Take for instance the following college majors of some celebs...some are quite surprising considering the future/current career...

Ok so i have a question about dentistry. My life seriously depends on this. Its REALLY important!!? Check this out. It seems to say that some other training is necessary for Dentists who want to 'transfer' their training from Australia to the U.S. Here is a list of schools where you can get this additional training: