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Popular Q&A

I asked this before. Two cavities one tooth?
Hi! Laser dentistry is a horrible idea for a cavity like this. You need to find a dentist that is skilled at doing normal conventional dentistry, or family dentistry if you like. If it still hurts, then the root is still alive. However, it's difficult to say if you only need a filling, or also...

Is there any scope for dentistry in in India and if there which branch in dentistry gets paid the highest?
dentistry in upmarket locationis big $$ and u're your own boss. engineering everywhere is big $$ - u have to report to your boss. u have to study india's socio-econ and political devt to know which is better. both r well paid.

Is it safe to get a cavity filled when pregnant?
Check with your Dr. first. I had one filled at 20 weeks with no ill effects. It's better to get your dental work taken care of then to let it turn into an abscess and risk infection. You also want to get your cleanings, as pregnancy makes you more prone to gum diseases. X rays are also...

Random question... of these names, who would you select as your dentist?
I would choose Dr. Mazzetti, sounds Italian. Italian people are nice and like to talk. As a dentist he / she would answer your questions, no matter how many questions you have !! Others can be abrupt, I think :)