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Popular Q&A

I'm in college now, knee deep in my health care and dentisty degrees, but I still have no luck with finding a job in that field. I just recently took on a one day a week internship with a dentist, unpaid, but it's something to slap on your resume. That's your best bet, esp. with the economy...

Do you know any good doctors and dentists around the Dallas TX area?
I think the best way to find a doctor and dentist for your family is to ask your insurance company. A doctor I recommend may not participate in your insurance and would not be a good fit for you.

What was the daily life of a Dentist in Ancient Rome?
By the first century AD, Roman citizens in need of dental care could choose between a tooth-drawer (who would only pull teeth), a barber-surgeon (who would have concentrated on bloodletting and the cosmetic shaping of teeth) or a physician specializing in dentistry. Roman Tooth Cleaning Tooth...

What are some fun games I could play with high school students?
The key is to give the winner a prize, eg. Packet of sweets (candy) or a extra large bar of chocolate. Usually non-gambling poker if they no how. An idea is that you could give them all 20 sweets (candy) and then they can bet with that, then at the end of all the games, they can eat the sweets...

How do you play dentist on games for girls?
you have to goto the place at the top of the game i'm not ure what its called agian, but anyway, then you go into the hospital and at the counter there will be a guy called robert or somthing talk to him and he offers you to be a dentist. Hope this helps.