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Popular Q&A

If a 15 yr old is tried as an adult,sent to an adult prison,what is life like for him when he arrives at the?
Being a consumer of the services of the Correctional Services of Canada, I can give you an expert opinion of the reality of life inside of Canada's Federal Prison System. This reality is different than that of Hollywood. Contrary to those who may have some perverted enjoyment of fabricating...

Urgent dentist for quad mom in central, nj. has medicare/caid. need partial top plate so i can smile again?
You can contact a local college. Most colleges that offer dentist training offer assistance in helping the needy get dentures. At least I know it is offered here in Arkansas. My sister got her dentures thru a local college for approximately $400.00. I wish you the best in finding someone to...

Are there any oral surgeons who do pro bono dental work in ky?
Contact the Kentucky Dental Society. They will give you the names of dentists that provide free or sliding scale services. Also contact the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. Usually dental schools will provide inexpensive dental services to the public.

Is there any university with low cost in Houston-Texas for dentistry field?
UTHealth School of Dentistry - Texas Medical Center That's one of them I know

Education needed to become a dentist???
I'm not a dentist, but I taught the DAT (Dental Admissions Test) for Kaplan and I'm in med school now. In college you need to take what amounts to the pre-med requirements. From the New Jersey Dental school, here are their requirements (numbers are semester hours): Biology 8 English 6 Inorganic...