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Popular Q&A

How much does a restorative dentist earn? compared to dental hygienists?
Well, first you must separate the two...a restorative dentist is a doctor, he ranks above a hygienist. So that should answer your question, the dentist makes more money with his practice, however the hygienist does not have the headache of running a business yet makes good money. Hygienist...

Do you visit the dentist for cosmetic or oral health reason?
All of the above! A dentist can give advice on things such as gum disease, tooth aches, and even tooth whitening! While gum disease can be attributable to many things such as diabetes, stress, and medications, the fact is that the majority of Americans who are afflicted with gum disease have...

Can any help me find a good dentist that deals with children who have autism? that's a link to a paper I wrote about autism.

Equine and Bovine dentistry images?
As u mentioned only images..sending u links.. Phew...tried my best...:)

Does anyone know where i may get an inexpensive tooth extraction in charlotte nc?
I think your best shot is the county health dept or a dental college if there is one in your area.