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Popular Q&A

Anyone have any sci fi movie jokes?
Found loads of Dr Who jokes... Why did Doctor Who surf the net? He was looking for the Cyberman. Why did the Dalek apply for a job in pest control? He liked the job description - "Exterminate! Exterminate!" Why is Doctor Who a regular at the dentist? He doesn't want to lose his K9. What did...

Dentist is not in my network. What does that mean exaclty?
A dentist who is in your network means that the dentist has signed a contract with the insurance company to accept whatever the insurance company is willing to pay for a procedure and you will not be billed for any more. The dentist will accept the reimbursement as payment in full. Not being...

Invisalign dentist?
You might save money by seeing a general dentist. Pick one who has been doing Invisalign for at least a few years and has done many cases. Also, a general dentist might suggest alternative methods of achieving your goal, whereas orthodontists only focus on teeth movement.

The Diary of ANne Frank .?
1) anne is a trusting genuine girl with a positive outlook on life, her father is the same and is apparent why they have a close bond. 2) peter is prob used to his mum's doesnt really concern him. hes a growing boy and he will be more focused on his own problems aslong as the situation...

Underbite help!?
You can have the expander again and the face mask to wear 14 hours a day( at night) and people won't even know you have it. You would probably have to pay for the treatment hough as you had it when you were younger. Hope this helps you! :)