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Popular Q&A

Can I get emergency Medicaid?
If you live in Ohio you would have to contact the Ohio Dept of Human Services (or the contact info on website). Contact them in person. Even if you do not qualify for Medicaid, sometimes they can get around the basic qualifications, or can get you on other programs available. Also, Medicaid...

When was the last time there was a mass or public shooting in Canada in schools etc?
We have had mass school shooting here too. Montreal alone has had three - Ecole Polytechnique Massacre in 1989 was to my mind the most horrific, A deranged man targeted female students, shooting and killing 14 of them to protest "feminism". At Concordia University, in 1992 a professor...

Dental implants mexico cost?
Yes dental Implants in Cancun are a lot cheaper. Many people from the U.S and Canada go down there for dental work. I personally went there about 6 months ago, There are a lot of dentists that provide dental tourism but I would only go to a couple do your research before going. The average...

How much will a Dentist cost without insurance?
You can schedule with your dentist and have him/her do a full mouth examination with X-ray. You have no obligation whets so ever to start treatment with the dentist. You have the right to get a treatment plan with overall cost estimate, yet elect not to start any treatment. exam cost varies...

What is this nonsense with my crazy dentist and evi staff?
Get a new dentist. what the did was unacceptable and highly unprofessional. i would not take that at all.