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Popular Q&A

Wrinkles, and scars?
The sun & too much soaking in the tub or pool = skin's worst enemies. Eating too much sugar, Fruits & vegetables can turn into sugar, not just from pop, candies, etc. causes wrinkles, too! When you noticed yourself squinting or worrying, STOP!. Raising your eyebrows promote wrinkles, too! STOP...

Who has had porcelain veneers in the Las Vegas area???
There are a few, check your listings under cosmetic dentists

Your Prayers Are Helping...?
Hi Angelina, I hate going to the dentist too...more than anything! So, I am totally in sync with you and will be praying for you. Just in case you think about backing out I will tell you what makes me go....knowing that the pain of NOT going is even worse and much longer. Oh, one other thing...

What are good ways to get a toothache to go away? No stupid answers Please?
Go to any emergency room and tell them the pain is to much to handle and they will help you.

Do doctors and dentists frequently assist veterinarians (especially at zoos) to do complex procedures . . . ?
Yes. In Cincinnati the zoo is just down the street from Children's Hospital, and pediatricians, pediatric surgeons and pediatric dentists have assisted with animal care. Neonatal nurses, too. Once, the genetics division came over to do chromosomes on an eagle. What I don't know is how frequent...