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Popular Q&A

How much does it cost to have a tooth removed in victorville, ca?
it really depends but i would say min = $200 max = $400 you should call some dentists and get the best deal.. good luck!

Where in Los Angeles is there an accredited dental assistant program?
Hi Stephanie..I have a friend named Stephanie lol she's a MA tho went to Kaplan Collge. Umm also, She has a friend (two) who r Dentist Assistant (DA) and who went to Everest and umm guess what?! they r wonderful at their job and learned so much! so, think that over. Every school is good. In...

Career salaries?
Go to and you can get all the info that you want about any occupation and salaries and locations.

I m a bds from india.. want to prac in singapore. is our degree recognized there?
Hello, To confirm this you need to visit this website They have a section "Study in Singapore" that will give you all information for recognition of your degree in Singapore and you will even find all official websites regarding dentistry. All the best!

I need funny doctor names.?
Dr. Waki Ho •Dr. Donald Hemphill--(I wonder if he's started a farm in California?) •Dr. Khan Do--Can do will do! •Dr. William Sexauer •Dr. Mohammed Behairy •Dr. Charles Halfpenny--(An indication of inflation) •Dr. Irving Bratt •Dr. Michael Anger •Dr. Duck Lim •Dr. Owen Bloodgood •Dr. Scott...