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Popular Q&A

Move to Eugene, Oregon?
I would call several dentist offices or drop an e-mail and see if you could get work first. There is a lot of dentist around, and the medical field is the only thing that employment numbers have been going up on. My wife is in college for a sleep tech position and I know she has a job waiting...

Jaw keeps clicking and locking?
Sounds like TMJ. Go back and enquirer about it. Mine regular locks up and clicks all the time. I only found out what it was when I went to my dentist 4 days ago and she mentioned that I need to make a new appointment to help it. The longer you leave it you may have to have surgery later in...

Who has the best doctor(s)?
Hi from France d Check out the bbb website, type bbb san diego on google, it will find it for you !!.... By the way, I know San Diego and I loved it, my sister lived there until 2004, now she lives in Florida ... Have a nice day, Cat.

Is it the dentist's or my responsibility?
This is your responsibility. The insurance is yours and you have to let your dentist know when it changes. The dental office files it as a courtesy to you, but it is up to you to follow up and make sure it got paid. They claimed it on time with the insurance they had on file, it was just expired...

Teeth Filling - how much can my dentist file off?
The hard outside of teeth is the enamel. Inside is a softer interior called the pulp that covers the center where the nerve is located. The enamel can be filed down close to the pulp, but dentists are taught to avoid entering the pulp. If they do, the tooth can still be treated but it becomes...