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Popular Q&A

Dentist in Palo Alto, Bay Area - HELP!?
Here are all of the dental schools in California CA Loma Linda University School of Dentistry Dental School Loma Linda, CA 92350 Dean: Dr. Charles J. Goodacre Phone: (909) 558-4222 Accreditation Status: Approval without Reporting Requirements Last Accreditation Visit: 2002 Next Accreditation...

I need funny doctor names.?
Dr. Waki Ho •Dr. Donald Hemphill--(I wonder if he's started a farm in California?) •Dr. Khan Do--Can do will do! •Dr. William Sexauer •Dr. Mohammed Behairy •Dr. Charles Halfpenny--(An indication of inflation) •Dr. Irving Bratt •Dr. Michael Anger •Dr. Duck Lim •Dr. Owen Bloodgood •Dr. Scott...

Argh...Dentist related.?
Girl, take a deep breath, relax, you'll be fine.... I had 12 cavities filled, scaling & cleaning around teeth/gums, injections to numb the areas, scraping, in three days, and I survived almost painfree. The worst pain were the sharp needle injections, they will just make your eyes tear up....

What courses do i need to become a equine dentist?
You have to go back an start a veterinary training program- might require three more years to go back an become a vet, and there should be a "specialty" path for dentistry. It's got to be a lot more than just some "courses".

Teeth Filling - how much can my dentist file off?
The hard outside of teeth is the enamel. Inside is a softer interior called the pulp that covers the center where the nerve is located. The enamel can be filed down close to the pulp, but dentists are taught to avoid entering the pulp. If they do, the tooth can still be treated but it becomes...