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Popular Q&A

Dentist visit before 1st birthday?
It's really not necessary for them to go at this age-although if you think he will be able to sit through it, then by all means, go ahead! im sure the sooner, the better-i believe the recommended age to start is around age 3 though. my kids haven't gone to the dentist yet, so i cant really...

What is the best university for dentistry?
I've heard that Tufts University is one of the top-ranked schools for dentistry.

TaNonG LaNg .... Does anyone know a good dentist in the beach area of La Union, Philippines?
Dr. Rommel Hufana in San Fernando City La Union is great. I got him through a recommendation also. You may check his website :

Becoming a Respiratory Therapist... while in school?
Hi Anthony G, Being a Respiratory Therapist may seem like a good idea to help you pay for dental school and the time needed does not seem that long. The problem arises when you are looking for a job as a RT. A RT is a professional job and most employers would no be willing to give you allot...

How Much does a permanent dental bridge cost?
I am in Orange county and one in our office would be $3,213.00. The average cost for crowns in So Cal is from $900.00 each unit to $1,200.00. Make sure that your dentist uses only top quality materials. No cheap metals. I would insist on gold. (t will be under the porcelain so it cannot be...