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Popular Q&A

2yr sedation vs anesthesia- filling vs filling and root canal?
I've seen cases where babies are put under anesthesia for simple 30 minute eye surgeries. Doctors put babies and toddlers under all the time without complications. There is also twilight sedation in which the child is not completely knocked out but still asleep. That's a lot to do on a 2 yr...

What does it take to become a Dental Hygenist?
You'll need about 8 yrs of college for Dentist and only 2 for Hygienist. And Dentists make waaaaaaaaaaay more than a dental hygienist. It depends on where you live that the salary will vary. I'm from south texas hygienists earn between 20-30 dollars an hour, depending on experience. I have...

Where can I find a DVD with the original Conway and Korman dentist sketch from The Carol Burnett Show?
I don't know which DVD it's on, but maybe this will help: If not, you can always watch the sketch itself here:

Very, very desperate to help a friend get some dental work that he seriously needs done. Please, help me out?
Many places like Healing Hands require that the person receiving treatment be employed. If your friend could get any kind of job, that might qualify him for treatment. Another source of possible help is calling 211 (in TN) which will put you in contact with the United Way. They have lists...

Is it OK from the health perspective if a dentist in Maryland starts and finishes 4 RCT's on one patient in th?
What is the ethical problem if they were done properly and with the patients consent? OSHA deals with occupational safety in the workplace for workers. Insurance deals with payments of claims. Was the patient coerced or tied down and had the work done under protest? I don't know what you...