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Popular Q&A

Are Dentist still hiring Hygienist?
Very few dentists do cleanings. In many areas of the country, hygienists are in demand. Good luck and hopefully when you graduate and are in the job market, the economy will be much better across the country.

What field is Kid's dentistry? (More info Below)?
Paediatric dentistry are what kids tend to go to or I know I did when I was very little and they were all so nice. Peadiatric dentists are the best. Now I've moved dentist and I hate him I went twice but haven't been for 3 years.

Cameron is planning tax cuts. A taste of things to come?
And of course that would explain why the rich/poor divide has actually increased since Labour came to power. And why, despite billions being poured into education we now have a fifth of all children leaving primary school without being able to read, write and do maths properly. And why, despite...

Can anyone recommend a good NHS dentist in the West End of Glasgow?
There's one just under the bridge at Anniesland Cross, past a wee hardware shop called Catani's - a few doors up from it. You can't miss it. Sorry I can't remember the name!

How do i go to the dentist?? im too young!!..?
You have to look out for yourself, which really does suck. But #1 ----Go back to school------, get an education, and then you can get a decent job with benefits. Don't use your situation (or age) as an excuse to drop out, use it as a motivation to keep going so you can make things better and...