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Popular Q&A

How to enlarge Gonial Angle/Mandible?
I understand your problem and know the best platform to solve these problems in Delhi India, You can Vist the following address Dr. Sanjay Arora Neuro muscular Dentist(USA) Endodonist(Mumbai) Implantologist(USA),Cosmetologist 103-104, Oriental House, Commercial Complex...

American student wanting to go to school in the UK?
You would need to study dentistry. The University of Brighton does not offer dentistry. The University of London consists of 18 self governing Colleges. Which one were you referring to? You would need at least 5 AP scores of 5 (including Chemistry...

Has anyone ever died by a corset?
The only reports of someone actually dying in a tight corset are from the 19th century when a dentist used an anesthetic on a very tightly laced patient. Apparently there were a few instances of that. Consider that an extreme case, then no, it'd be very difficult to die from corseting. In a...

I really want to be a dental hygienist?
YES, go for it. It is not necessarily true that all dentists treat hygienists badly. Some do but most don't but that's the way it is in the working world, there are good bosses and there are bad ones. You just need to find a dentist who treats employees with respect.

Do University's look at GCSE results?
Generally they don't, unless its a really competitive course like medicine, dentistry or vet med, or at oxbridge. I don't think warwick will look but depending on what course you're applying for they may specify a minimum for some things like a B in maths or english. The only advice I have...