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Popular Q&A

Nerve damage from the dentist?
Yes, it can be nerve damage, but also, as the other poster said, it can be due to a sinus problem. So called "modern dentistry" may be modern, but that does not mean it's perfect by any means. Many diseases and problems with the body are caused by dentistry. The aniline chemicals they use...

Would you change dentists if your old one stopped giving you stickers?
Ahhh! wat no,*Have a smile like a crocodile* stickers? I'd spit in their eye!

Hi anybody know about dentist assistants? Any information about it?
My mom was a dental assistant. At the time, about 20 years ago, she did not have to go to college for it. I'm not sure if that has changed. Regardless though, going to school to be a dental hygienist would probably be your best bet. This does require some college education. If you are lucky...

Help with teeth and cosmetic dentistry?
It doesn't matter. If you smile like you mean it and have respect for yourself people will think you look great even with that. I work in retail/pharmacy and I see alot of people with different looks. I much rather look at a friendly smiling person than a dumb b*tch with "perfect" teeth. You...

Were can i find a dentist that will take payments .i have only a about 9 front teath left and i am on ss and?
I don't know about a dentist that will accept payments, but you could look into CareCredit. Upon approval, they will give you a line of credit at 0% interest for a year. After that, it will go up to 14% interest (still lower than most credit cards). You should also be able to find a dentist...