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Popular Q&A

Smoking after a dentist appointment?
My Dentist once said weed is for the weak minded people who don't enjoy a natural buzz. She said they are for uneducated unattractive people who are bitter in life and they can never ever settle down. She said women dipise drug addicted men. Since then I quit weed and guess what? never had...

Where can you get good cosmetic dentistry in Houston, Tx that is not priced out of this world.?
Donna, It is not neccessary to travel to a foreign country to save money on dental treatments. Most dental insurance plans in Houston have waiting long periods when it comes to dental crowns and dental implants, after you join. In fact some insurance companies do not cover dentalimplants at...

Can you reccommend a good dentist in/near Johnson City, Tennessee?
Two suggestions come to mind here- (1) Check with the person where you work that handles your health benefits. Ask them if they have had any feedback on which dentists are good and were bad under your insurance plan. (2) 10 years ago I was faced with a similar situation as you are now except...

Anyone go through bottle rot/caries with their child?
wow that seems to be so much money. He don't need caps at this age. They are for permanent teeth and that is where a good bulk of the bills is coming from. I would get his teeth fixed, start with the major caries first as those are the ones giving the pain, they have exposed nerves. I would...