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Popular Q&A

Which Male and Female name is your favorite?
these are just the things that i think of when i hear the names. it's not to say they aren't great names... Boys: Sullivan Dean Charles- my dentist's last name. so not a pleasnt thought. like dean, and charles reminds me of royalty (in a good way) Finnigan Carter - mr. dress up's dog......

Can't find a Bergen county, Nj orthodontist?
I don't know if these orthodontists are near where you live. I was just trying to look up some for you in Bergen County. Here are a couple, I don't know what they charge, but just trying to help. I also work for a company that offers an affordable discount dental plan for $19.95 a month....

Insurance coverage of full sedation for dental work on autistic child?
My jumpy grandson had to be sedated for dental work and they wanted the money up front and then Metlife or Metrolpolitan reimbursed us within a month. It went thru my job's insurance. Call them up!

Where is a good place to find affordable dentists?
Many dentist schools are either free or very cheap. Also, many clinics work with a small dental office in the same area (usually through either the state or county). Those offices offer a sliding fee for dental work, and if you don't make too much money, you can get great coverage. A little...