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Popular Q&A

Which dental clinic provides all round quality dentistry in Petaling Jaya?
I would suggest Jaya Dental Surgery as you specifically mentioned Jaya 33 but there are also a few other clinics around digital mall in Petaling Jaya just opposite the street. But I have been to Jaya Dental and I am really satisfied with the services provided and the quality of treatment offered...

Is there a way to be a dentist and travel and the same time?
There are dentists that travel to other countries to do service and have their practices at home as well. You might also look into joining the military or Peace Corps.

Is there a special toothbrush that Dentists use for cleaning Gingivitis?
Probably just a good electric with a good brush head. The best cure for gingivitis is flossing, and mouth wash. Preferably with chlorahexadine. If you can't get one with chlorahexadine, a good listerine type works well. Gingivitis is irritated gums (gingivae) which are irritated due to...

Looking 4 a dentistry office ..?? ?
i got 3 great referrals from 1-800-dentist.

Is there a website where patients rate dentists, in particular orthodontists?
You can try the following site :