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Popular Q&A

Du get the same diploma from Rutgers Newark as you would from the New Brunswick campus?
The college you go to with the degree makes a big difference. You should take out a loan and pay it back in about 10-15 years now, after you have a career as a dentist. If you were the boss of a medical company, and two applicants came in. One from the prestigious Harvard Medical School and...

Ok, so does sound good so far?
It's good and I agree with shieltmai... To add onto her comment about punctuation, I think it would be better to have some sentences joined by a comma rather than just starting a new sentence (like with "And not only was I in a different city, but also a different state. New York". I would...

Did you hear the latest news about marsha and jan from the brady bunch?
damn, marcia fooled me. i thought she really did have a huge crush on davey jones, dr. vogel (the dentist) and doug simpson (the big man on campus)!! great acting, who would've thought?

What are people on ssi suppose to do when they need to go to the eye dr or dentist(they don't get much money)?
Not to sound heartless but when the government stops stealing 47% of my income in taxes while it costs me 23% of my income to make money in order to be taxed................I'll start to care a little. Those people on SSI are being provided an income off the labor and education of the rest...

Infection on Post Root Canal.. HELP!!!!?
You can't sue him because u now have an infection RCT doesn't always work and that is not the dentists fault! Do u want to sue him everytime you need a filling aswell!! As far as retreatment goes another treatment may also fail if the tooth is prone to infection. Ask about an extraction if...