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Popular Q&A

POLL: Would you go to a dentist named Dr. Payne?
I would. I use to go to a dentist by the name of Dr. Smart!

Our dentist has suggested a palatal expander for my son, should I wait until summer break?
A palatal expander is not as invasive as full ortho.Plus, if the dr. wants to do it now, it's because your son is right now at the stage where it can help him a lot.If you wait till next year he will have grown more and it might be too late for the expander.Palatal expanders help the upper...

What career would allow me to move back to Oahu, Hawaii, and pay high finances and be useful career there?
This depends in part on whether you have family with property on Oahu, and/or whether you can show enough Hawaiian lineage to qualify for a Hawaiian homestead. In general, your best options are with high value added careers, just like on the mainland. I'll assume you don't have an existing...

Dentists use the same fee guide for their procedures. Some charge more, but others charge at the fee guide's rate. Look for a family dentist or even a pediatric dentist. Avoid the cosmetic dentists. If you Google "dentists in Lethbridge AB", you will get a huge list. Some of them will have...

What kind of dentist pulls teeth? need to see your general dentist for extractions....... The orthodontist is only involved with moving the teeth. orthodontist is limited to practice (that is not to say they cannot pull teeth....but by becoming an Orthodontist they LIMIT what they do) within their their specialty...