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Popular Q&A

How much does it cost to become a dentist?
You can figure at least $200,00 for 4 years in dental school. Some are a little less and some more. This does not include the 4-5 years in undergraduate school.

How does the teeth whitening works?
well you should learn from this site then here are part of the article: 2. Do the effects of teeth whitening stay forever? Again, the answer is a big no. The effects of teeth whitening are never permanent. The things that we drink and eat will always...

Site that creates custom SHAPES for pet tags?
i ordered a tag off ebay in which i uploaded a photo and there were different shapes and my name, address and phone number are on the back of the tag ... she has had the tag for two years and i just took that photo now so you can see it is still in great shape and i have a very active jack...