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Popular Q&A

Is Michael Weiner... uh... "Savage" really just an frightened old woman with a big purse and blue hair?
He used to hang out with Liberals, then he saw where he could make a lot of money from fearmongering and it wasn't with a 'Liberal' audience. He is a weak kneed fake. From Wikipedia: Four months later, on July 7, he (Savage) was fired from his MSNBC television show after remarks made in response...

Black colleges of dentistry?
Howard in Washington DC. Meharry Dental School in Tennessee. Go to the link for a list of all the dental schools in the US. What you can do is go to their admission page and see what the demographic composition of their student body is. ss

Dentist new patient exam?
Let's see I recently went to the dentist after too many years of no care. They had me fill out a bunch of paper work. Then they take your x-rays. Then they look around your mouth and ask if you have any particular problems you are there for. Then the talk about what the x-rays show and what...

What are some of the most ridiculous baby names you've heard?
OK.... When I was a teen, I was a camp counslor. There was a LARGE family.... and the kids names were : Sonny, Cher, Mick and Bianaca.(these were all signle births, but VERY close in age)That summer The women was pregnant with triplets. These were the days of not finding out, but she was thinking...