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Popular Q&A

How to enlarge Gonial Angle/Mandible?
I understand your problem and know the best platform to solve these problems in Delhi India, You can Vist the following address Dr. Sanjay Arora Neuro muscular Dentist(USA) Endodonist(Mumbai) Implantologist(USA),Cosmetologist 103-104, Oriental House, Commercial Complex...

What is this cheap high "Whippets" that Demi Moore used?
The 'drug' is nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is commonly used by dentists (I'm sure you have heard of 'laughing gas') but is also used as the whipping agent in whipped cream canisters/chargers, hence the slang term 'whippets.' Individuals can inhale the nitrous oxide from such canisters and experience...

Can a dental insurance deny coverage if my dentist is my brother in florida?
Yes they can deny coverage anywhere at anytime as they do not have to give you insurance. It is unlikely, they may deny you if you are interstate but being a family member usually doesn't make a difference at least not in florida.

Violated by my dentist please help?
Seek out a new dentist. You are their patient and it is there job to listen to you and make you a comfortable as possible not the other way around. There are many dnetist out there that are very good. Find one that does laser dentistry it is completly pain free and takes half the time.

Sorry no such thing as cheap in dentistry, good work costs money, you can howevere ask your orthodontist for payment plans.