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Popular Q&A

Which Male and Female name is your favorite?
these are just the things that i think of when i hear the names. it's not to say they aren't great names... Boys: Sullivan Dean Charles- my dentist's last name. so not a pleasnt thought. like dean, and charles reminds me of royalty (in a good way) Finnigan Carter - mr. dress up's dog......

What is a better job, gastroenterologists, dentists, or chorus teacher?
Im not sure what a gastroenterlogist does, but I work in the dental industry & my personal thoughts are, think about the job descriptions, does the world "NEED" a gastroenterologist, can you live without a dentist, or is being a "chorus teacher" a necessity profession. I would definetly recommend...

Dentist with hiv?
I wouldn't think a HIV doctor/dentist would be performing surgery on people, let alone have a job that involves people's medical, that is beyond risky. I am sure you are okay as the dentist could lose his job, go to jail and get sued for stupid carelessness acts as re using infected tools/syringes...

Dentist in or near Knoxville that takes payments?
I don't think there is such a thing as a dentist who will take payments from someone with bad credit. they want the money up front when you have no insurance. if there is a dental school near you try there for a lower cost option but they will want payment at the time of treatment.

No dental insurance - need a dentist with financial planning?
Best method is to call and ask dentists if they will work out a payment plan with you for an emergency.