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Popular Q&A

Sleep dentistry and needles..oh my!?
Okay on this subject i am an expert i have already got two teeth taken out by needle and 4 others by needle and sleep dentistry. When they put you to sleep you obviously don't feel a thing, after you are asleep they put the needle in which is nice. The only needle you have to worry about is...

Where in Los Angeles is there an accredited dental assistant program?
Hi Stephanie..I have a friend named Stephanie lol she's a MA tho went to Kaplan Collge. Umm also, She has a friend (two) who r Dentist Assistant (DA) and who went to Everest and umm guess what?! they r wonderful at their job and learned so much! so, think that over. Every school is good. In...

Invisible braces?
Actually, I'm not even sure these "invisible braces" are such a new thing. Also, if your talking about what I think they are, these are just plain old braces (metal, ceramic, or otherwise) that are made to be attached to the the backs of the teeth. I've heard that those braces are quite common...

Where can i be lisenced in virginia as a dental assistant when already licensed in TX?
You should do a search to find the website for the Virginia State Board of Dentistry. Their site will have the links for the requirements for all fields of dentistry licensure and a phone number to contact them if you have questions not answered on the website. This can be done for any state...

Exceptional dentists in Tijuana? Or other parts of Mexico?
Don't allow a Mexican dentist to work on your teeth. If you live in the USA pay a well trained dentist who cares about keeping his practice and his patients. Don't risk your teeth on some charlatan in Mexico. I live in Mexico and have never seen a competent dentist here. Believe it or not....