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Popular Q&A

What is the reason for go to pattaya?
Good value for your money! Hotels are cheaper than Phuket. Transportation is cheaper than Phuket and Bangkok. Closest beach area to Bangkok that you can easily get to. Bus from Ekamai bus terminal is around 120 baht for the 2 hour ride. It depends on what you intend to do in Thailand....

How do dentists deal with people with bad breath?
Dentists' coping strategy: 1) They wear masks. 2) They think about the huge amounts of money going into their bank accounts and their next luxury holiday.

Where can I have a tooth extracted for free> I have no dental insurance and no money to pay a dentist?
Try the dental schools. They give discounts, but you will have a rookie dentist. Or try the hospitals?

What would happen if every single police officer quit their jobs?
Read "On Combat" by lt. col. dave grossman. He covers this exact topic. In ONE generation, our society would be turned to chaos and collapse on itself if law enforcement didn't exist for one generation. Doctors, dentists, etc. We could survive (barely and uncomfortably) without these for ONE...

What's the difference between medical schools and school of medicine?
They're basically the same. "Medical school" is the generic term for them, and "the XYZ School of Medicine" (or some such) is probably the name of a specific school. You can study to be a surgeon there, or any number of other medical specialties practiced by M.D.'s. You mention Washington--the...